About us

Qmine is the pioneer designer and producer of 3D printed model for a variety of sectors, including mining, tourism, real estate, infrastructure.

The proprietary 3D printed model is a unique visual tool for project owner and developer to present their project to stakeholders. High resolution physical model condenses many technical facets into a realistic miniature display. Our model significantly simplifies communication between project proponent and general public with limited technical background. In many cases, even technical specialists and scientists working with the project find these models beneficial to improve their understanding.

Our model is frequently used for public meetings and exhibition venues. It provides instant overview of the entire project at one glance. With QMINE 3D model, presenters are in a better position to engage viewers and lead into more efficient and productive discussions.

QMINE model uses 3D printing and other technologies. Compared with other type of scale model, we have the following advantages:

• Full color, higher resolution surface presentation: 300 dpi to 1200 dpi, true color
• Strong ABS material and light-weight, commercial art portfolio package provides transportation ease
• Highly detailed and realistic infrastructure presentation
• Integrated solutions for technical information, e.g. underground workings, ore-body for mining project