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 We offer many standard and customized model sizes. It can be any shape or size to suit your needs. Here are some examples:

 Size Weight (Including package)  Flight convenience 
 ~20"x26"  10-15 lb  Carry-on
~23"x30"   13-18 lb  Check-in
~25"x35" 15-20lb Check-in
~32x42'' 20-25lb Check-in

Upon receiving data, we require 2-3 weeks for producing a standard size (30x40'') 3D model.

Certainly. We provide warranty for accidental damage & design change coverage at a nominal cost.

The 3D terrain resolution is typically around 0.2mm. The surface imagery resolution is normally between 300-1000DPI depending on the source data. 

We can utilize public data or engineering simulation to achieve the best visualization effect. However, imagery and 3D topographic resolution may be compromised.